Virtual Classroom Management Software Services Provided by EOMSBD for Online School

Every part of our life has taken a digital shape. Should education stay out of the essence of technology? Of course not! By taking the help of technological advancement, education has become widespread too. One of the prime examples of it is- The online Digital School. 

While taking class, exam, providing assignments, and results can be done through physical school, with the help of EOMSBD, you can now enjoy all these benefits virtually too. With the online school management system software, now education will be more comfortable to get and hassle-free. What is Virtual Classroom Management Software?

A virtual classroom management software helps schools keep everything the way it is and enjoy all digitally. Like the traditional school system, teachers teach, students participate and learn, and assignments and tests occur. The only thing here different is the technology that helps to do everything from away. You must have heard about online business management software? This one works in the same process. Even with the physical distance, teachers, students, and every other stuff of a school can do their job through a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Is managing day to day school over online is that easy? Yes, of course! Every school has several things to do. There are attendance, exam, salary, inventory management, staff management, and many things that a school needs for its proper operation. 

Our software is the one-stop solution that will provide you with A to Z of what you need to run a school. Starting from the online teaching classroom to the exam schedule, student fee collection and distribution, data management- you will enjoy managing every kind of service through our online school management software. 

Why would you choose EOMSBD Online Classroom Management System?

There is other online school management software too. Then, why the classroom management software by EOMSBD is the best? It's because only we offer you the most affordable, effortless, easily operable virtual learning opportunity.

While maintaining end to end security and service assurance, EOMSBD class management software offers the following services-

Real-time Interactive Classroom

Recorded class or informal live video can turn the teaching session into a boring one. Grab the attention of all the participants and ensure your students a real-time classroom now. Let the virtual platform bring the best out of your students through increasing participation and micro-learning. 

Share Activity Portal

Knowledge works best when it is shared with others. Besides sharing the day to day learning tools, monitor the student's activity carefully through the student's activity portal. Provide easy access to all the class materials to your students and maintain the deadlines of class tests, quizzes, and assignments virtually. Besides, while using the software, students and teachers can share their screens too.

Customized Social Media

Students can get easily distracted on global social platforms, like- Facebook or Twitter. Build a separate, tailored social media for students and teachers only. Create a scope for your students to share only academic thoughts. Furthermore, open groups for different subjects and make it easier for students to participate in their desired class discussion.

Financial Transaction

School is a place to learn. But, every school management needs to run some financial activities too. From one side, the school receives fees from the students for their educational service and exams. On the other hand, the school ensures that all its staff is getting their salary at the right time of the month. Calculating and managing all these financial transactions from a distance can be tough. EOMSBD online school management system makes it easier than ever. This software helps you to maintain proper financial circulation too.

Participation Survey and Reports

Gathering survey and getting activity reports are as important as monitoring the students. Enjoy the benefit with us! Besides the students, survey the teacher's performance too. Receive the activity and performance report of teachers and students daily. 


Exam and Evolution Track

Knowledge needs to be tested by a regular exam. Exam result is one of the main ways to determine students' daily participation and attention to the study. Take the exam and do the evolution of student's talents, skills, and knowledge by using EOMS. Once the students are evaluated, publish the results too.  


In a brief note, schools using EOMSBD teacher and student management software gets the opportunity to enjoy-

  • High-quality virtual video conference
  • End to end secure streaming
  • Visitor management system for school
  • Financial circulation management
  • Inventory management
  • Attendance taking facility
  • Student management
  • Teacher management
  • Evaluation management of students and teacher
  • Admin management
  • Screen sharing
  • Exam, test, assignment distribution facility
  • Customized social media

Exploring digital classroom software can be new and tough. But it's not an impossible thing to do. Actually, with EOMSBD classroom management software, this can be one of the biggest positive decisions that you have taken ever. Starting from the better educational system, better reach, this software can cut your school cost a lot. Besides you, this will make everyone's life easier. 

We are not claiming that we are the best. But our clients, they loved using this software for their school. It became highly effective for them. We strongly believe in our client's feedback. While starting to take your baby step towards the digital arena, let us help you experience our product. 

We hope our technology will make your life a lot easier. Compare our service to others, use it, contact us, and don't forget to let it know your thoughts. Your comments will lead us to be better. We are waiting for your call!