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Which Accounting Software You should Buy?


Are you facing problem to manage your constantly growing company's financial activities? Especially for E-commerce, things can be really messy while it comes to manage employees, their salary, daily expenditure, receivables, etc.

Hey, why are you using manuals when you are living in the digital arena? Have you ever thought about using accounting software for better financial operations? No? Let's take a look at it and save your money then!


What is Accounting Management?

To realize the importance of accounting software in any business, the first thing that you should know about is accounting management. Basically, accounting management combines an organization, its financial process, strategy planning, direction, etc. both from inside and outside.

To ensure a stable cash flow of any company, you must need stable accounting management. To minimize the expenditure and maintain a proper cash flow for the company longevity- you should do it. And to do accounting management properly, you will need accounting software.


What is Accounting Software?

Accounting software or accounting Apps mostly get used to managing the accounts and financial operations of an organization.

All the big and complex things, accounting software, makes all of them too easy to solve. Starting from maintaining employee salary, keeping invoice to stabilizing company assets- all you can do through accounting software. While manual labor on accounting responsibilities takes hours and thousands of more bucks to complete, accounting software makes everything easier.


What are the main features of Accounting Software?

Honestly, all the accounting software has its own USP. Yet, the main thing is more or less the same. If you use any accounting software, you will be able to enjoy-


Bank reconciliation

Every company needs to do bank reconciliation, which is prone to error if it is done manually. Besides, it takes too much time too. On the other hand, on the accounting software, you will be able to enjoy this service within a few seconds.


Sales, billing, invoice, and purchasing management

Through using accounting software, you can manage your purchase and sale easily. Every sale order, receipts, and quotation- all you can get from the software easily. Besides, you can manage your billing and invoice through this software too.


Report generation

So, you need reports, don't you? While making a report seems a tough thing to do, all your company balance sheets, cash flow, and other reports you can easily get from accounting software. Even if you want the report in the exact format, you will get it instantly!


Financial forecasting

This is one of the most important features of a financial app. Who doesn't want to predict the future? Actually, every company owner needs to take the next decision on the basis of their current situation. Accounting software helps in this way and provides all the important data to make a decision.


Asset management

Every company needs to do asset management. According to the company policy, while calculating the asset can be tough, accounting software for courier company can do it for you within minutes.



Why is accounting software important for E-commerce business?

Accounting software provides a lot more lucrative options that you can ever think of. With accounting software, even all the non-finance person of your company will be able to maintain daily financial track. So, what else? What are the other things that you will get with the accounting software? Have a look!



Accounting Apps help to save your money in many ways. It provides the exact calculation and report. That helps to cut the extra unnoticed expenditure off. On the other hand, while doing the calculation digitally, you won't need many workers, and that will save extra money.


Better control of finance

Who doesn't want to know about what they are spending money on? While you can depend on it on other people, you can easily take control of your finance by using accounting software.


Helps to make a better decision

Just think about the situation where you even don't know where you are spending money, how much you are spending and how much money you exactly have in your company pocket. This condition just makes people make wrong decisions. Accounting software makes every financial condition crystal clear and helps to make a better decision.


Improved data security

Are you interested in leaking your financial status in the market? Of course not! Accounting software helps to keep the data secured by protected firewalls.



Do you need your report fast? Only accounting software can help you to make your report on time. And that too with the ultimate accuracy.


Why is the Accounting Software of EOMSBD special?

EOMSBD not only provides you the regular accounting software services. Besides all the other benefits, you will enjoy something more from the company.

EOMSBD offers you accounting software that will provide- easy report generation facility, billing and invoice management, future forecasting ability, bank reconciliation ability, and all the other ingredients that you may need from your accounting software.

But moreover, you will enjoy a unique financial transaction facility from EOMSBD. And that is the Islamic financial transaction. In this process, while buying something, you can keep two witnesses with you. They will complete the purchase.

For a better e-commerce business, you just need a better, stable financial operation. And the accounting software from EOMSBD can really help you in the process. So, are you ready to use accounting software and make your financial process smoother and more correct?

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  • Accounting software is a software that helps to manage accounts.

  • There are four types of accounting software. Spreadsheet Custom accounting software Commercially-available software and ERP or enterprise resource planning software

  • QuickBooks Accounting, Xero Accounting, Wave Accounting are the most commonly used accounting software out there.

  • Yes, you are right. Xero is more comfortable to use than most of the accounting software out there.

  • If you want to manage your business more efficiently without spending more time, then accounting software is the thing you need.

  • No, you can run your business without having accounting software. But it will be a more troublesome, costly, and time-hungry thing. So it is better to use accounting software for your own sake.

  • Yes, cause software only can help you to store, manage, and analyze your data. Still, nothing can replace a certified accountant to deal with a financial problem or giving you financial advice.

  • Visicalc. It is a spreadsheet software which was invented in 1978.

  • You can use it as accounting software, but it is mainly spreadsheet software. So, you can do whatever you want with it. On the other hand, Xero or Quickbooks only made for accounting purposes. It is easy to use and straightforward.

  • Yes, you can. But, for the best result, it's always good to use professional help.