Order Management

Darfaz order management software

  • Suppose that today Daraz has received 10 pieces of product from you, next day 8 pieces, day after tomorrow 6 pieces, and returned 9 pieces back to you. Then they give you payment of 5 thousand taka. Now do you know how much money should you really get from Daraz?
  • Do you really know how many pieces of product you have given to Daraz?
  • Daraz gave you payment for how many pieces of the product?
  • How many pieces of your product have been returned by Daraz?
  • Do you have the account of how much money should Daraz pay you today, this week, this month or this year?
  • Are you facing any trouble while managing your orders with Daraz 15 digit order number and 16 digit tracking code?
  • Most funny part is that there are some regular customers in Daraz who place order every day. And after using the product for 7 days, they return the product. Even some time they return wrong product. Did this lucky customer place any order to your shop? If you still have not got orders form them then we think you are really very lucky or new in this business. Don't worry... this lucky customer will place order to your shop anytime soon. Good luck ?

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