Do you have a product to show? If you are a seller, then you need a place to showcase them all. While outside of the internet world you can rent a home, build a shop and keep your products to sell; things work very differently on the internet.

Here, people create a virtual shop and sell their products virtually. As the seller, the buyer also uses their internet connection to choose products from the shop and buy them. Popularly known as website, these places to sell a company product mainly is known as- E-commerce Website.


Definition of E-commerce and E-commerce Website

Using the electronic medium for better trade is known as E-commerce. On the other hand, E-commerce is broadly used on an e-commerce website.

In its process, e-commerce uses various medium like- internet. The first e-commerce started in 1960. At that time, companies began using EDI or Electronic Data Interchange. Still, there was no transaction in the shopping business. In 1990 the shopping e-commerce business started. It was 1994 when the first CD was sold from a US retailer. Gradually the rate of e-commerce has risen.

On the other hand, an E-commerce website is the popular website portal to trade goods as well as services. Before, e-commerce was only done through email and calls. Now, with the help of a website, it can be done more efficiently.


Why do you need an E-commerce website?

There are several reasons for which you may consider using an e-commerce website for your product. Take a look at them-


1. Making the trade easier

You have to admit it that, here all the things round around the business. Some people will sell, and some will buy. Now, many people nowadays don't have the time or energy to visit shops personally. A website that shows all the product options is much easier for them in this case. Besides, even if people try to buy something from the store, about 80% of them check the product online first. You can't keep your store open 24/7. But if you are doing it online, you can open your website all the time. Nor only choosing and comparing, user can even make their transaction online by using these e-commerce websites. All these things, they make the trading process much more comfortable.


2. Create more customer

These days, people use social media and the internet all the time. Using a website makes it easier to show them your products. Besides, it influences people's decision and easily converts peoples into users through 'Mouth to Mouth' communication. And, while the whole world is being digital, a website provides you with the chance to reach people worldwide which is not possible by only keeping a real-life shop.


3. Influence people in a better way

Just think about a huge brand that doesn't have a website or a Facebook page. Would it seem credible to you? Every other people feels this way. A website doesn't only reach people comfortably; it builds credibility too. Maybe there are a lot of other sellers who are selling the same product. But you know your product in the best way and a website filled with all this useful information about your product will help you to stand as number one in the whole crowd.


4. Less input, more outcome

Maybe, you are thinking about the budget of e-commerce website design services. But believe us, it doesn't cost much. All you need here is to find the best e-commerce web development company. If you go for a custom e-commerce website development and use it correctly, your website will get you more output than the input.


5. Saves time

Even if you have an online presence, still it will cost your time on sending email, making call or SMS etc. On the other hand, if you build an appropriate website for you, it will answer all the user's enquiries and save your time. In this way, you will be able to satisfy all the customers too.


Different types of E-commerce website

Depending on the types of business, you can build different types of E-commerce websites. Let's take a look at all of them-

B2B (Business to Business)

In the B2B, business occurs between two or more companies. When one company sells its product to the other companies, it falls under this type.

B2C (Business to Consumer)

In the B2C, business occurs between companies and the customer. If a person buys chips from the shop, it will be considered as the B2C business.

C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

In the C2C, business occurs between consumers to the consumer. For example, if a person sells his/her mobile to another person on OLX or Bikroy.com, it would be identified as C2C business.

C2B (Consumer to Business)

In C2B, business occurs between consumer and companies. For example, if a company use the reputation of a social media influencer and promotes its goods through the influencer, it would be known as C2B e-commerce.


Building an E-commerce website without any technological knowledge- how to create an E-commerce website?

If you are trying to sell more, reach more people and make more money, it's time to build your website. It not only will make your position unique in the market, but you will also be able to reach all over the world within a limited time. There is various E-commerce building platform that you can use to make your website. But here comes the question of time and knowledge too.

Are you concerned about your technological knowledge? Are you worried about maintaining the website? Not only have you, many successful sites primarily faced this problem. But believe us, building an E-commerce website doesn't have anything to do with being tech-savvy. You may doesn't have any time or money or tech knowledge. Still, with the help of e-commerce web design company like EOMSBD, you will be able to make and maintain your website easily.


Legal Requirements that you need to know before building your website

Building a website not only includes technological knowledge, but it also has some legal aspects too. While setting your site up, you will need to know about the data privacy policy, cookies, disclaimers and terms and conditions also. It would make your business easier, and your users will get to know your products quickly.


Get the best E-commerce web design service with EOMSBD

Do you need any software support? Are you looking for the best service to build your e-commerce website? EOMSBD is the best place that you rely on then. With our efficient designers, we offer you a balanced and comprehensive ICT enabled services.

Unlike the other website design service provider, we focus on the product type and client's need first. By using a powerful tool and utmost creativity, we help our clients to find the ultimate dream come true. EMOSBD doesn't stuck with the same ideas. With the core value and culture in heart, our dynamic team explore and innovate every day. We try to provide the latest technological innovation to our customers.

We believe in our work and take the responsibilities of every initiative. Technology can make people's life easier. EOMSBD believes that work to make your life more comfortable and work on it continuously.


Why would you use EOMSBD to build your E-commerce website development?

Here comes the most crucial question. Many other software development companies can work for you and your website. Then, which characteristics make EMOSBD different from the others and unique for you? Take a look!

We work for you

Once you are our client, we offer you the best service and go beyond our limitation, keeping your best interest in our mind. It's not money; it's our client's satisfaction that drives us.

Customized website

We have our general ready-made website templates. But if you want something more and build a customized website, we would do our best to provide what you want. We have our efficient software development team to ensure the best result for you within the shortest possible time.

Language selection

What language would you prefer while building an e-commerce website for your product? EOMSBD offers the website in both English and your local language (Arabic/ Bangla). So, if you want to grab both national and international customers, you will be able to get it from us without any further problems.

Standard website design

While building an e-commerce website for you, you must want the standard designed one? EOMSBD will offer you that. Here you will get-

Home - It is the landing page of your website that will cover every service of your website briefly.

About Us - People will be able to know about your company and the products more in this section. You can modify it according to your wish.

Board of Directories - This section of your website will make your site look credible and let the consumers know about the individuals behind the company.

Contact Us - Now, you have a website and product to sell. But how people will interact with you? Email, address and contact number- you can provide all the contact information of you in this portion.

Search - People use the online shop to ease their daily life. But if you have thousands of product on your website, how would people find it? To make it easier, we will offer the search option too.

Project Information - You present works, upcoming works, planning and all the previous works- you will be able to show people all of them through your website.

Events - Do you have any event to let people know? You can spread your event's information to the user through the website.

Social Media Integration - Social media plays a vital role in our daily life. People may forget about your site, but if they get connected to you through social media, it will last in their mind all the time. EOMSBD offers social media integration for your website too.

Live chat - How people will trust you? How you will be able to contact every possible customer? Serving all of them, real-time can be very easy if you have live chatting option on the website.

SEO friendly - To rank in Google and reach people quickly, you will need to make your website SEO-friendly. We offer you the service without any further issues. We make that possible as well as using HTML, CSS, AJAX and XHTML.

Device friendly - User can reach your site from both laptop and mobile. Which one would you prefer? You can have it all from EOMSBD. Besides the laptop version, your user will be able to enjoy a mobile-friendly version of the website too.

Website analysis - So, we have built your website. Is that all? Has our service done? Of course not! We offer you a proper analysis through Google Analytics too.

Besides all these things, from our software development service, you will be able to enjoy-

  • Cloud Hosting (Domain and Hosting from card)
  • Mobile responsive system
  • User account
  • Oder placement and update
  • Order management
  • Review product system
  • Visitor's track record
  • Multiple categories
  • Three-level of product category management
  • Relevant product's showcase
  • User's history
  • Product management
  • Google map


Phases of website development

With the three timelines, we will offer you your website. These are-

  1. Strategy Planning & Concept Development
  2. Web Site Design & Development
  3. Production Management & Implementation

All our services will be generated and distributed through these three phases.


That's not everything! EOMSBD offers you the best e-commerce website creation that will serve you the most. What do you want? Our team is always ready to provide your desired service. So, are you prepared to build your dream little by little? Then what are you waiting for? Let's start your journey!