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ISP ERP Software

ISPEasy: Easy ISP Business Software Solution for Internet Service Provider!

People need Internet Service Provider in their daily life to get easy access to the Internet. And that’s why you can consider working as an ISP or Internet Service Provider as one of the most profitable methods of business. Yet, starting a business can be easier while managing it can be a lot tougher. 

In an ISP company, you would have to go through loads of work like- HR management, Inventory management, CRM, Trouble Tracking and many more. How are you thinking to manage them all alone? Do you even know whether one of your clients is getting service at the right time or being satisfied? 

To manage the whole process in a more straightforward method, ISPEasy is here to help you. 


What does ISPEasy work for?

In a word, ISPEasy works for your ‘Satisfaction’. Even to get profit out of a profitable business, you need to ensure proper management. ISPEasy comes with the perfect software of your solution. Tracking your clients, your workers, company’s work, inventory- all will be easier with the simple software of us!

To process billing, monitoring, invoicing, monitoring client portals and many more things you will get from this single software. The best part of ISPEasy is, it comes with several modules. They all are customized differently. With the unlimited options of customizing the software, you will be able to make sure that you are getting precisely what you desired from the management software. 






Would ISP management with ISPEasy be costly?

Of course not. We always keep our client’s interest first. In ISPEasy, you will get to choose any one option from the three-level of our plans. Starting from only $250, you will able to ensure the perfect business success from your company a full year. 

Within the plan, you will enjoy both subscribers, phone and email support from us. 



What do we offer?

ISPEasy offers precisely what you want. We provide different types of services divided into different modules. There are-


User Module

This module helps to manage subscriber list, billing and invoice, promotional offer, logs and the growth history for a specific time. 





Management Module

This module helps to manage administrator activities and works as support assistance. 




IP management Module

Every type of IP facilities, this module helps to manage it. It includes IP list management, master IP and Corporate as well as subscriber IP assigning too. 





Corporate User Module

Managing corporate user, monitoring their payment, invoice and distributing them bandwidth- all these fall under this module.





Network Module

Besides location monitoring, this module helps to manage network monitoring. 





Upstream Vendor Module

Managing vendor list, operating with their payment, invoice and bandwidth distribution comes under this module. 




Accounts Module

Creating charts of account, journal, a ledger account, collecting payments and maintaining balance sheet while calculating profit and loss falls under this module. 




Inventory Module

Within this module, you will get to manage vendors, your brand category, purchase order as well as payment and invoice, bar codes etc. It helps to manage sells and customer too.




CRM Module

In every business, you will face complaints from your customers. To manage them we provide you CRM module which covers complain type, ticket list and follows up etc. 




Profile Management Module

While providing service to the clients, you must manage their profiles too. It can be both on a daily and monthly basis. This profile management combining the bandwidth scheduler and multiple billing units comes under profile management module. 




Log Module

Don’t you want to go through the radius log and system log? You can easily do that with this log module. 





Tools/ Backup Module

Do you need to reboot your whole system? Or do you need your data all prepared? All these backup processes, you will get them from this module. 





SMS Module

With a huge number of clients, you can’t send them SMS one by one, can you? So, to send a bulk amount of SMS, use SMS module. 





HRM Module

Here comes one of the most important modules that will help you held your company up. To ensure your company’s success, you will need to manage your employee, their work, their attendance, leave, salary and other things. To make sure that your office is going in full swing without any issue, use HRM Module. 




Front End Module

You may get time to time contact update request, management issue with animation, page update and many other things. To manage all these things, you will need the Front End Module. 

Every ISP ERP will help you to manage your client, office and everything that you need to make your company go on. But we, your business is not a task for us. Once we are on board, our client’s business becomes our own, and we try our best to find out the best solution for your business success. From managing every office works and getting 100% work from the company employees, ISPEasy helps to ensure client management, and the on-time service too. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s start working together!


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  • Because starting from the admin panel to the customer information management, billing management, HRM management and many other things- we provide you with a full package of ISP REM services.

  • ISP ERM helps to manage everything attached to the company and ensures its business success.

  • No, both are entirely different things. IP stands for internet protocol address, and ISP stands for an internet service provider.

  • It depends on your requirement and the service quality of the isp. You may find some ISP management software better useful and within your budget than the others. But if you want the best isp internet combining both budget and better service- go for ISPEasy.

  • Technically no, you can’t. You will need a provider if you want to access the Internet.