40 Rabbana islamic dua for daily recitation in different occasions.

Rabbana Duas are the ones that start with the word 'Rabbana' and here you will find 40 of these blessed Duas that will help you through all troubles in your daily life.

All 40 of the Duas are in Arabic and also in bangla for you to recite them in the correct pronunciation, so it also helps you learn Arabic if you hadn't known already.

This app also gives the meanings of the Duas which helps you feel even closer to your Rabb(Allah) and realise the utter supremacy of the Almighty. With every Dua this app gives you all the benefits and descriptions from the time when the Duas were recited by Prophets and how it helped them get through their tests from Almighty. So we welcome you to choose the true path and lead a better and peaceful life along with the blessings of Allah.





20 May 2020


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