Web Development

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  • 'Graphic Design' first used by the book designer William Addison Dwiggins in his article called "New Kind of Printing Calls for New Design, which published in 1922.

  • No. it is not much easy, but if you learn graphics designing patiently and correctly, then it will be child play to you.

  • Yes, it is. It has a bright future. If you gain skill and experience in this area, then you can earn a fair amount of money without going anywhere.

  • With a traditional university degree, it takes four years, usually. But if you are going to learn this on your own, then it will take one or two years If you hard.

  • You can do it for a specific time. But it is better not to go for a yearly subscription. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck in one phase.

  • In this time of technological evolution, for a better result, you must need a website to showcase all your business product in front of the customers.

  • Of course, you can. But for a better result with your personally curved website, you should go for an agency and spend some money as an investment.

  • To develop an app, you would need to break the whole architectural pattern into three fundamental parts—this are-model, view, and controller. MVC or Model-View-Controller is the combination of all these three.

  • You can. But as PHP is the core of Laravel, so to use it in a better way, you must use PHP and understand it correctly.

  • If you are already familiar with PHP, you can quickly learn Laravel. The easiest way to start learning Laravel is learning PHP and go through the documentation.

  • CMS is an app. As a framework, Laravel, like the other apps, helps to build CMS too.

  • No. It is a framework. It uses PHP as its language.

  • Accounting software helps to manage company's financial activity digitally and smoothly.

  • Accounting software is fast, error-free, simple to use, and costs less. There are so many other advantages of accounting software too.

  • By using accounting software, you can prepare a report, get track purchase, billing, and invoice, manage customer and vendor, and many other things.

  • Accounting software is a software that helps to manage accounts.

  • There are four types of accounting software. Spreadsheet Custom accounting software Commercially-available software and ERP or enterprise resource planning software


  • There are so many of them: Shopify, Weebly, Wix and a lot more. But, if you want every curve of your website just as you desired, EOMSBD will be the right one to choose.

  • Yes, you can. But it will require tech knowledge and time. If you don't want to bother much, then it would be better for you to go to a software company.

  • An e-commerce website helps to reach more people to the product. So, as the reach will increase, the sell will increase automatically too.

  • Just keep patience, identify what people need, build a perfect website, do SEO and ensure people the best service. Your e-commerce will be successful.

  • No. You can take it as an investment that will generate more output.

  • - Yes, absolutely. It is the best, robust, and reliable CMS out there.

  • - Yes. It is easy to use for beginners. But if you want to get the most out of it, then you should learn some language and coding.

  • - First, you should learn HTML after that, CSS, and PHP. If you have time, then JavaScript would be great.

  • - There are tons of website out there which using WordPress actively. Here are some of the big names • BBC America • Sony Music • Microsoft News • TechCrunch • The Walt Disney Company • Facebook Newsroom • The New Yorker

  • - More the 30 to 37 percent of the entire website powered by WordPress

  • It is highly effective. Through the website, probable user can reach to the local business much efficiently. It helps the business person to enjoy more control, more sell and flexibility.

  • It varies from agencies to agencies. The cost of each website also depends on the requirement. On the underlying skeleton, if you want some more customization and options, you have to spend a bit more. Whatever the cost is, comparably, you will enjoy all the service at the lowest rate from EOMSBD.

Digital Marketing

  • Services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social media campaigns, Web development and marketing strategy. Digital marketing agencies help you to find and engage with your audiences and customers.

  • Pricing models vary according to projects and business. Each campaign is different, so generally, there is no standardized pricing. It depends on negotiations among the parties, the length of the service, etc.

  • SEO is the process by which your content has a better chance of being presented to customers via search engines. Keywords are the common words that searchers use to find relevant products or services. PPC is a way of buying traffic online. A certain fee is paid by advertisers each time a customer clicks on their ads. Many sites, including Facebook, offer PPC.

  • Brands can promote and connect with a vast customer base through online. Find out which social media is more prevalent among your customers. Also, you can get mass reviews of your product here.

  • Paid digital marketing programs generally yield results immediately. Content marketing or SEO may take a bit more time, typically from six months to a year. Like any other business methods, persistence and patience is a must here.

School management software

  • The answer will differ among the countries. Besides, the tools that you need, if you find them in the software, consider is as the best one

  • It is a combined computer instruction that helps to regulate day-to-day tasks of school virtually.

  • Yes. The exam can be taken, and the result can be published through the software.


  • Because starting from the admin panel to the customer information management, billing management, HRM management and many other things- we provide you with a full package of ISP REM services.

  • ISP ERM helps to manage everything attached to the company and ensures its business success.

  • No, both are entirely different things. IP stands for internet protocol address, and ISP stands for an internet service provider.

  • It depends on your requirement and the service quality of the isp. You may find some ISP management software better useful and within your budget than the others. But if you want the best isp internet combining both budget and better service- go for ISPEasy.

  • Technically no, you can’t. You will need a provider if you want to access the Internet.


  • - Yes, it is. It is open-source and available through the General Public License( GPL).

  • - No, it is relatively easy. But you have practised it for a couple of hours a day and continue doing it at least a week.

  • - PHP language. It is also open-source, just like WordPress.